Jimmy’s Computer Repair and Security Services

I.T Services  in lexington

I’m passionate about empowering churches and small businesses like yours to prevent cyber-attacks, hackers, viruses, and identity theft from disrupting their operations and their mission. Even with preparation, attacks and breaches of this kind are always a surprise and result in serious consequences including lost time and resources, eroded trust internally and with your communities, and fractured sense of security.

Instead of worrying that you don’t have the time or resources to respond to such an event within your own organization, call me. My assessments and reviews are 100% free, with no required commitment. And my solutions are cost-effective and will be customized to your unique situation.

I focus on supporting your tech concerns off your plate and let you focus on serving your clients.



Our vision is a future of businesses so efficient and effective that they are able to provide resources to support their local communities and help people thrive.