covid 19 policy

Covid 19 Policy: As you already know that we are facing an unprecedented pandemic situation that has taken the lives of many of our fellow humans.

In the present situation, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that your health is protected and you do not get exposed to the COVID-19.

The Government has taken steps, to minimize person-to-person contact until the transmission of the virus is well under control.

In order to keep you safe from any risk of getting the virus, we have outlined some temporary policies that are being implemented until further notice.

Covid 19 Policy: General Precautions

  • Please minimize the time you spend at our office/center, to only that which is necessary. 
  • Please don’t touch anything unless necessary to do so.
  • Keep a 6 feet distance from other people.
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow if you suddenly have to.
  • Stay at home if you think you are sick, or you have frequent coughing or sneezing.
  • Follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing and staying healthy.


We have made some changes in our SERVICES to make sure that we provide you with the highest standards of services while making sure that you stay healthy.


You can follow any of these processes if you need to Drop Off a computer.

  • Please let us know via Phone, text or email and schedule a pickup.

Phone: 859-397-1168


2. Keep Your Computer In Your Vehicle

a. You will be provided a check-in form that you can fill out, using one of the following methods:

We will provide you a paper form to fill out in your vehicle,  if you can


You can text or email us your name, phone number, physical address, email address and problem description to 859-397-1168 or

         b. Then either:

  • bring the form and your computer to our door and we can collect it from you at the door; or
  • Give us a call from your vehicle when you are ready (859-397-1168), and we will collect the computer from your vehicle.

        c. Following the COVID-19 SOPs, we will then wipe your computer down with an alcohol solution before we work on it and before we give it back to you.

Please bear in mind that, due to these new policies and procedures, we may not be able to give you a fast turnaround experience as you would generally expect from us. Please bear with us and everyone in the nation as we go through this difficult time in our history.


PLEASE NOTE: These new policies have been outlined to keep everyone safe from the virus and are subject to changes as the pandemic situation evolves.

Also, rest assured, we at the JCS are strictly following the COVID-19 guidelines as per Covid 19 policy of WHO, to keep our community and customers safe. And as always, your feedback is really important to us, please let us know how we can improve our services for you!

And don’t forget to leave us a 5-star review, if you are happy with our service.

Thank you for being our great customers!

Sincerely, Jimmy Beasley
President & Owner
Jimmy’s Computer Service

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