How to prepare your computer for repair services

We know the feeling, that terrible feeling when your PC or laptop is acting up…AGAIN. It’s affecting your productivity, and just plain stressing you out! As much as you may not want to admit it, it’s likely time to research computer repair services. Here are a few tips to prepare your computer before scheduling it for repair.

Select a Respected Computer Repair Company

Not all computer repair companies are created equal. Working with a long-standing, respected company is a much safer option. Make sure that the company has a privacy policy. Your PC or laptop holds a vast amount of information, you want to be sure that the computer repair company that you choose does everything they can to keep your data secure. This information will help you make the best choice for your company’s computer repairs. Jimmy’s Computer Service has a strict policy of data preservation and privacy for our customers. Any good computer repair shop will. Nevertheless, there are some safety precautions you should take.

Backup Your Data

In most cases, there is little risk of data loss when you work with professional computer repair technicians. But there’s always a possibility, especially if your computer has a serious hardware problem or has contracted a virus. Additionally, if you have any sensitive or personal data on your company PC, remove it before having your computer repaired. To be on the safe side, be sure to backup and store your data before your computer repair. The technicians at Bennett Office technology are ready to help if needed.

Keep Your Software Keys

Do you rely on certain software solutions to remain productive on the job? If so, this step is especially important. There is always a possibility that during the computer repair process, that your essential software programs might be wiped away. If you have your software keys, as you will be able to reinstall your programs later. You do not want to end up buying your programs again, so we encourage you to keep track of your software licenses. Our technicians are able to easily help you with this process, as long as you have everything that’s required.

Make Your Device Easy to Access

Normally, for security purposes, we recommend password protecting and restricting access to your PC or laptop.  But in this case, in order to make the necessary repairs to your PC, technicians will need to be able to easily access your computer. You can make this much easier by disabling the need for a password before logging into Windows, allowing the repair tech to do what they need to do.

Keep Detailed Notes

Before your scheduled repair, take a few minutes to write a detailed description of the computer problems that you have been experiencing. Do these problems only happen with a certain program? How often do they happen? Having these things documented will be a great help to the technicians as they try to identify and solve the problem.

Ask Jimmy’s Computer Service for a Free Assessment

Are you having computer problems? The Jimmy’s Computer Service professional Computer Support Technicians are here to help with all of your computer repair needs. We can help you improve PC performance and speed with computer repairs and upgrades, manage your PC software, upgrade your hardware (RAM and disk space), and prevent future computer problems. Jimmy’s Computer Services works closely with clients to make the necessary repairs to your PC or laptop. For assistance on determining your personal or business computer needs . Business owners are welcome to  and we’ll contact you to do a free assessment.  

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