Don’t Let Your IT Questions Go Unanswered

if you have questions about your computer-large or small-you deserve the best care possible.We want to help keep your computers running smoothly and turn those worries and headaches into confidence for your business!

Cybersecurity is vital to stop the offensive approach of attackers to keep your personal and professional data safe. It should be practiced religiously. It will help you to keep your computers and networks safe from malicious attacks, and keep the data of yours customers safe.

We help individuals and small organizations tackle their technical issues like a pro.

  • We diagnose simple to advance issues. For example, like what is stopping a window or machine from booting?
  • Help to install the stubborn software that just won’t load at any cost.
  • Address root causes of slow computer and software performance.
  • Detect the spyware and implement firewalls and other safeguards, so you can stay protected and work fearlessly.

There can be numerous problems related to software and hardware. Every situation is unique, but some of the most common hardware performance problems we help address include systems overheating unstable internet connections, frozen screens, operating systems  not booting, and so on.

There is already so much hassle when you are running a business or leading a team. Amidst the work and deadlines, computer malfunction just increases the stress. JCS has a solution to every computer problem you may run into.  Whether your hardware is damaged , running too hot , or too slow , we will fix all these issues in minutes.

Hackers are all around our systems and networks keeping an eye to get an opportunity to hack your information and use it illegally. We will find all the spyware and install a strong security system to avoid any kind of cyber-attack.

Yes, we will provide you with a whole plan. We will set up the whole network for a small business. We will connect all your devices with a network, as well as handle setup of all user accounts, sharing, and controls.

They are dangerous in many ways. They harvest your personal and confidential business data, with catastrophic results.  JCS will scan and take off all the spyware, malware, and trojan threats to give you peace of mind about your systems and networks.

We provide both onsite and remote support. Whether you have urgent need that requires immediate attention through remote access, or in-office  support with a more complex hardware or network issue, we'll be there.

  • Use strong passwords and  change them regularly.
  • Keep your software updated at all times.
  • Implement firewalls to protect against cyber attacks.
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN) to hide your IP address and keep your system safe from attack.
  • Shut down your systems when not in use.
  • Avoid downloading unknown files.

To get into the Windows 7 / 10 Safe mode, as the computer is starting up press and hold your "F8 Key" which should bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu". Use your arrow keys to move to "Safe Mode" and press your Enter key.

If you are running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10, or a later version of Microsoft Windows, you are eligible to update Microsoft Windows, and in some cases, your computer hardware with the latest drivers through Microsoft's update site, visit In most cases your computer should be set to automatically update when a new update becomes available.

Double click the recycle bin icon on your desktop, here you will see all of the files within your bin. Select the files you wish to recover, right click and choose restore.

Turn off the printer. Inspect the location or tray the printed paper ejects to. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Remove all paper trays and any paper that may be stuck between the tray and the printer. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Open the printer door that allows you access to the printer ink cartridges or toner and look for any stuck paper. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Turn the printer back on.

Open Microsoft Explorer. From Explorer, click the Tools drop down menu and click the option "Map Network Drive." Specify the network drive or network computer as the folder. If the computer's name was hope, to map to that computer, type \\hope If you wished to map to a shared folder on the hope computer such as a mp3 folder, you would type \\hope\mp3. If a different username or login is required to connect to this computer or drive it must be specified in this window before clicking the finish.

Right-click My Computer. Click Properties. In the Properties window, click the Computer Name tab. Within this tab you'll be able to see the full computer name, workgroup and also a description. If you wish to change the name or workgroup, click the Change button.

We  come to your house to do a free  assessment and diagnostics of your IT problem then send a invoice to get approval of the labor and repairs. We also provide a 30 money back guarantee.